Brooklyn Rodriguez, aka Bktherula, is only beginning her music career, but she’s already making waves in the industry. The Atlanta native is one of Warner Records’ rising stars, teeming with creative energy and psychedelic vibes. When she’s not releasing a new album or performing live, the 20-year-old musician unwinds by playing some video games, and she’s quite familiar with NBA 2K. Season 4 introduced a bevy of new tracks and artists, including “WATCH ME” by Bk. Following her placement on NBA 2K22, Bk sat down to discuss collaborating with 2K and the latest developments in her career.

How does it feel to be in NBA 2K the game?

Bktherula: “For starters, I was extremely excited when I found out that my song was going to be on 2K. I love the [expletive] out of video games—I can’t even believe my song got a placement. I was kind of manifesting that for so long… it means a lot to me, I can’t even lie. It feels like winning the championship ring, that’s honestly how it feels. It feels like winning a championship ring and I’ve got more rings to go.” 

Can you talk a little bit about your new album and the versatility you bring to it?

“I wanted to put all of the parts of myself into the album to be more of a ‘felt’ thing. So yeah, I guess that’s why the album has that psychedelic type of feeling, because I really bring all the emotions in one package. I bring the sad ones; I bring the lit ones; the good ones; the bad ones; the soft [expletive]; the hard [expletive]. It’s a ride.”

What’s been the response from the community since you released your album?

“I’ve had a lot of people kind of coming up to me and expressing how they felt about the album, and it’s really a lot of the same result. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and I feel like it’s opened the door a little bit because I was starting to listen to my fans a little bit, and starting to listen to the people around me. Someone close to me begged me to put ‘WATCH ME’ on the album, and look what it did. So I feel like I’m starting to take in other people’s advice, like everyone’s brain, and put it into one, which allowed it to be a nice album.”

Can you name some artists you'd like to collaborate with in the future?

“I really want to work with Destroy Lonely, for sure. I really want to work with Idris, so bad.”

What’s your experience been like performing live lately?

“I’ve been performing a little bit. The past couple months I’ve been to Lyrical Lemonade, Rolling Loud—but I’m about to go on tour, so I’m going to be performing for two months straight. I’m going on tour with Lil Tecca, Baby Santana, Young Chris, so that’s going to be really fun. I’m really looking forward to going to Colorado. … The place I’m most anticipating is New York because I love New York, and I really love the way that my shows are when I perform there.”

Can you explain how your music speaks to your fans?

“It’s like getting that pocket, it’s understanding the pocket and that vibe. Some people’s ears don’t understand different pockets. I always try to understand it like, ‘If you’re 32 years and up, you won’t be able to hear this frequency, but if you’re five years old you’ll be able to hear the frequency.’ The people who get ‘it’ understand the pocket.”

Which Atlanta artists influence your music?

“One of my favorites is Young Thug, for sure. I can’t lie, I’ve been listening to his album, for sure. He’s the one. He’s definitely the one. It would also be a dream for me and my dad to go see Outkast live.”

Bk is kicking off 2022 with a bang as she embarks on her two-month tour. If you’d like to learn more about her music, you can listen to her work below. NBA 2K22 will continue adding artists to its soundtrack in the coming months, so be on the lookout for more musicians like Bk who are redefining the industry.

Incredibly self-aware and observant of the world around her, Brooklyn Rodriguez is creating a lane of her own as Bktherula. Don’t let her age fool you - BK is a highly intelligent 19-year-old oozing with talent. Focusing on the big picture, the Atlanta native has partnered with Warner Music in hopes of using her talent to become a voice for her generation. Rodriguez grew up in a musically gifted home, where she learned from her mother and father, both experienced musicians. Now with a vibe that’s true to herself, BK combines rapping and singing to form an energetic and vibrant sound. Perfect for teenage turn-ups and summer anthems, BK is resonating with listeners around the world. In June of 2020, BK dropped her first major-label debut single, “Summer,” featuring a psychedelic beat with mixed percussion. Filled with inspiration, BK is setting out on a life-long journey to uplift her generation and focus on spreading joy.