Incredibly self-aware and observant of the world around her, Brooklyn Rodriguez is creating a lane of her own as Bktherula. Don’t let her age fool you - BK is a highly intelligent 19-year-old oozing with talent. Focusing on the big picture, the Atlanta native has partnered with Warner Music in hopes of using her talent to become a voice for her generation. Rodriguez grew up in a musically gifted home, where she learned from her mother and father, both experienced musicians. Now with a vibe that’s true to herself, BK combines rapping and singing to form an energetic and vibrant sound. Perfect for teenage turn-ups and summer anthems, BK is resonating with listeners around the world. In June of 2020, BK dropped her first major-label debut single, “Summer,” featuring a psychedelic beat with mixed percussion. Filled with inspiration, BK is setting out on a life-long journey to uplift her generation and focus on spreading joy.