IDK is incredibly in-touch with his feelings and they play an important role in his music. The Warner Records artist recently chatted with 2K about the importance of love in everyday life and how it’s something many people take for granted. In addition, he discussed his experience with NBA 2K and how he’s trying to appeal to audiences through the game’s platform. 

What do you remember about growing up playing NBA 2K?

IDK: “I remember just the way the camera angles were positioned when you played, everything was so different. It was such a big deal as a kid; there’s no one who doesn’t know what 2K is. To be in the actual game is incredible—it’s definitely checking off a big goal.”

Which team do you play with when you compete against friends?

“Whenever I play—because I want to bust somebody’s a** that might be in the studio—we just do Play Now. I like to play with Kevin Durant because that’s my man, so I usually go with the Nets, but I’m not super loyal to one person.”

Can you talk about what went into making your album USee4Yourself?

“I think for me—talking about my life in the sense of using my success to cover up the things deep inside me I had to face—the most important part of that song is the feeling. I wanted it to feel energetic, and when we perform it people go really crazy.”

What feeling were you trying to evoke from your listeners?

“I just wanted to understand the real relationship between me and love. I don’t know if I really dug deep into that before. Love is one of the most important things we have on this earth. A lot of people forget that and don’t prioritize it, for reasons with how they grew up or their experience with love. So I had to come to terms with my experience with love, and that’s what this album is about.”

What’s been your experience with love?

“My relationship with love isn’t the greatest, because the way love was shown to me wasn’t necessarily the way I would’ve been able to comprehend it as a kid. I really understood it as I got older, but some people don’t really understand it ever. That’s why things like therapy are important, because it helps you tap into that. Fortunately I was able to do that without therapy. Again, my relationship with love growing up wasn’t ideally what I think it should’ve been, but I’m able to change the course of that in the future with my bloodline.”

On the court, IDK is looking to dunk on his friends and take some ankles; however, when it comes to his music, he’s adamant about spreading love. You can listen to IDK in-game or check out his track list below.

Known to his family and friends as Jason Mills, but professionally known as IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge), this Maryland native pours every ounce of his being into sharing his views and big ideas to the masses. Weaving methodically crafted lyrics with percussive flows, IDK takes life experiences and philosophies he holds dear and flips them into genuine bangers. His formula for creating music has helped him become one of hip-hop’s most conceptually inventive artists.

“I need people to know that I’m a producer first,” IDK told Warner Music. “It’s one thing to produce a song. It’s another thing to produce an artist, meaning understanding what you need for a particular song and putting it together, and then crafting that into an album.”

IDK’s latest album, USEE4YOURSELF, is a masterclass on love, materialism, masculinity, and the effects of a challenging upbringing. Roughly a decade ago, IDK began his musical career behind bars and evolved his craft into a robust body of work. Since then, he’s released a few albums, and collaborated with Nike, Harvard University, and Kevin Durant, producing the soundtrack for his Basketball County: In the Water documentary. IDK is a man on a mission, determined to share his perspective on societal issues through lyrics, beats, and more.