Known to his family and friends as Jason Mills, but professionally known as IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge), this Maryland native pours every ounce of his being into sharing his views and big ideas to the masses. Weaving methodically crafted lyrics with percussive flows, IDK takes life experiences and philosophies he holds dear and flips them into genuine bangers. His formula for creating music has helped him become one of hip-hop’s most conceptually inventive artists.

“I need people to know that I’m a producer first,” IDK told Warner Music. “It’s one thing to produce a song. It’s another thing to produce an artist, meaning understanding what you need for a particular song and putting it together, and then crafting that into an album.”

IDK’s latest album, USEE4YOURSELF, is a masterclass on love, materialism, masculinity, and the effects of a challenging upbringing. Roughly a decade ago, IDK began his musical career behind bars and evolved his craft into a robust body of work. Since then, he’s released a few albums, and collaborated with Nike, Harvard University, and Kevin Durant, producing the soundtrack for his Basketball County: In the Water documentary. IDK is a man on a mission, determined to share his perspective on societal issues through lyrics, beats, and more.