Playoff Performers Collection in NBA 2K17's MyTEAM

There are only a few teams left in the Playoffs, and it’s time for the best Playoff Performers to go into MyTEAM packs! Players elevate their games the highest during the Playoffs, including some superstars and some players enjoying the series or games of their lives on the NBA’s grandest stage. This set includes players that have enjoyed some of the best Playoff performances or career-defining moments--Highly anticipated cards like the trio of Lakers---Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Magic Johnson are all available!

The Lakers have competed in the Finals many times and enjoy three of the best players of all time at their respective positions—Shaquille O’Neal is a 98 Overall Center with fantastic strength, athleticism, and power, while Kobe Bryant’s 95 Overall card is second only to his Pink Diamond reward card, and will definitely be popular to use for his shooting and dunking abilities. He’s a threat as soon as he steps onto the floor from any range. Finally, Magic Johnson gets his best card of the season, a 98 Overall! As a 6-9 point guard, Johnson gets the rare ability from the Point Guard position of being able to post up as well as run the fast break. Get Johnson and you’ll be set!

The Lakers have constantly battled the Celtics, and for good reason. We included 98 Overall Larry Bird and Bill Russell, two of the greatest offensive and defensive players, respectively.

Andre Iguodala enjoyed a Finals MVP turn in Golden State for their 2015 Championship run, and he earns an Amethyst card with great all-around stats on both ends of the floor, while Toni Kukoc gets a Ruby card for his unsung Playoff performances as a member of the championship Chicago Bulls. Without these two players on their respective teams, there may have been different results! Add these versatile players to your team and get great value from them.

Finally, if you can collect each Playoff Performers player, you will unlock a great reward and a first for NBA 2K MyTEAM—Pink Diamond Michael Jordan is the first Pink Diamond Reward card we’ve released! Jordan is widely considered the greatest player of all time, and his Dream Team card should do well no matter what type of game you play. This also completes the journey for another Pink Diamond card---if you’ve collected all of the Team USA Rewards for completing sets, you will earn Pink Diamond Charles Barkley! 

With the potential to earn two Pink Diamonds this week, it’s our best set of cards yet. Be on the lookout for more announcements on our Twitter account, and good luck with the new cards!

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