MyTEAM goes Full Throttle in Season 7! The race is on with tons of brand new Season Agendas, Challenges and dominant new players and rewards to earn...

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Rev your engines with Ruby Evo D-Rose available to redeem at Season Level 1, complete his Agenda Groups and watch him blossom into a Pink Diamond. Find your place on the starting grid as Season 7 is going to be taking it to the next level with Full Throttle. All 150,000 XP required to reach Level 40 this Season will be available from DAY 1! Are you ready?! Plus Season 7 celebrates one of the NBA’s most iconic scorers, in Tracy McGrady. In the latest Signature Challenge as chosen by T-Mac himself, when he scored 13 points in 33 seconds, this challenge will require you to match his game high 33 points and 5 three pointers and pick up the W against the ‘04 Spurs to earn a Hall of Fame Badge and Diamond Shoe. If you need T-Mac's card, redeem the locker code below for a McGrady Free Agent MyTEAM Card. Don’t slow down on this race, with more challenges and rewards than ever before as we head into Hall of Fame season, and pit your best against Big Threes... But wait, what’s waiting for you at the finish line?! Complete Agendas and earn Season XP and players who reach Level 40 in Season 7 will earn Dark Matter Vinsanity! Plus redeem all the rewards you overtake on the way, including Ruby David Wesley, Diamond Roy Hibbert and Galaxy Opal Zach Randolph. Give your MyTEAM lineup a boost with all new players in the Exchange, like Diamond Carmelo Anthony, Pink Diamond Chris Paul and Dark Matter Louie Dampier or climb the Ascension ladder to Dark Matter Sidney Moncrief… In Season 7, Dark Matter is taking over the Rewards.

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New Packs and Collections are available throughout Season 7: Full Throttle. Check out what's available in MyTEAM today!

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There are different lineup requirements every weekend in MyTEAM Limited so you can take down your opponents in all all-new ways. Every win gets you closer to that Championship ring each weekend. Collect all 4 rings to unlock the Season 7 Limited Grand Prize: Dark Matter Elgin Baylor. Take that next challenge with your best 13 players in MyTEAM Unlimited and make your way up the ranks. Play through 9 Leagues to reach the top position. You’ll need to win a certain number of games to advance, with more and more wins required as you climb the league structure and earn rewards. Go undefeated in Season 7’s Unlimited Opal League and walk away with Dark Matter Larry Johnson.


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