REPORT 11/25/2020

The Season of Giving has come to MyTEAM for Season 3! It is a festive time of year and the next six weeks in MyTEAM will be focusing on the many ways you can earn and receive new Reward Cards, including the first Galaxy Opal players! November has already been an exciting month for MyTEAM, with the launch of Next Gen and thirteen 2020 rookies added to the nearly 1,000 player cards available now in the mode. There is a LOT to go over, so let’s get into it!

Cutting straight to the chase, Galaxy Opal Dwyane Wade is your Level 40 reward in Season 3! You’ll be giving plenty of assists with ‘Flash’ as this card will be PG eligible when he enters lineups later this season, and will be the first straight-up Galaxy Opal reward card we’ll see on MyTEAM courts (outside of evolution Elgin Baylor, we can’t wait for the NBA Season to get started Domination fans!). Two of Wade’s championship rings were won with LeBron James, so who better than ‘The King’ to start Season 3 as your Level 1 Free Agent Reward. Simply hit up the Season Agendas Menu to pick up this card and start earning that XP!


Shaquille O’Neal Signature Challenge

Wade won his other championship with none other than Shaquille O’Neal, who not only helped us launch Season 3 with that epic voiceover in the trailer, but is also providing his handpicked Signature Challenge for the season. It’s time for you to fill those size 23 kicks in Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. Featuring one of the most iconic plays of his career, Shaq rose above the Blazers to slam home a high alley-oop from the one and only Kobe Bryant. Enter the locker code BRYANT-TO-SHAQ to pick up a free version of Shaq for this challenge, but you can use any version of Shaq to complete his Signature Challenge, or his Spotlight Challenge set. 

Yes, Spotlight Challenges based around a player are BACK! Take on Triple Threat and 5v5 challenges based around 5 different NBA Superstars’ careers. Each will have a locker code card to get you started, but like Shaq’s, you can use any version of these players to complete these Spotlight Challenges. You WILL want to enter these locker codes though, because those cards alongside the Spotlight Challenge rewards, are just part of the puzzle for another Galaxy Opal.


More Galaxy Opal Rewards

Baron Davis will be the second Galaxy Opal reward player of Season 3! You will be able to add ‘B-Diddy’ to your collection by redeeming locker codes, beating all of the Spotlight Challenges, earning reward players from mode-based Agenda Groups, and collecting player cards from Limited Time Events. Plenty of ways to get and earn new reward players this season, all culminating with a Galaxy Opal! To get you started on your way, there will be a locker code which includes a Diamond Ja Morant on Thanksgiving. If you miss out on the reigning Rookie of the Year, don’t stress! There will be multiple chances to add him to your collection throughout the season.

On top of Wade & Davis, TWO more Galaxy Opals will also debut during Season 3. First, Wilt Chamberlain will be the Season Collection Complete reward. The Season 3 releases will be spread across every day of the week, and each will feature a Pink Diamond card needed to pick up ‘The Big Dipper’ for your collection. Season 3 will also feature the final release of IDOLS Series I, which as promised in the first Courtside Report for MyTEAM, the IDOLS Series I Collection Complete card WILL be a Galaxy Opal.

If you already have Domination Reward Elgin Baylor evolved, there could be a full Galaxy Opal starting 5 ready to strike fear into any Unlimited opponent by the end of the Season!


MyTEAM Limited and Unlimited Updates

Staying with Unlimited, tweaks were made to the top tiers in the mode, lessening the win requirements to remain in a tier before being demoted. Limited will continue to use new lineup conditions to put all lineup builders to the test each weekend with Championship Rings & other great prizes available after each W.

Let’s get back to the Rewards with this Season’s Pink Diamonds! If you can pick up the 6 championship Rings in Limited this season, high-flying Aaron Gordon will be yours. Rise up through the tiers of Unlimited and go 12-0 when it counts the most to bring home Andre Iguodala. The legendary Connie Hawkins is available in season’s Ascension (along with new rewards & packs), earn your 600th win in Triple Threat to pick up Michael Finley, and Elton Brand has been added to The Exchange (which also includes a Sapphire Derrick Rose!).


12 Days of Giving

The NBA will begin the 2020-21 season during Season 3, so we will countdown to tip-off with the 12 Days of Giving. Be sure to login every day for a chance at rare players, and guaranteed Ornament Balls! Yes, the Team Ornament Balls are back and are EXCLUSIVE to all releases during Season 3: Season of Giving. So if you want to stay on the path to the Fire Ball & the new Holographic Ball, ‘tis the season!


MyTEAM Festival

Finally, to tip-off everything Season 3, we are holding the MyTEAM Festival starting Friday, November 27 through Sunday, November 29. First - all (yes, ALL!) previous packs will be available at some point during this weekend, as well as a few special limited releases that you will NOT want to miss. In addition to new locker codes all weekend in both the Community Hub and on Twitter @NBA2K_MyTEAM, Spotlight Challenges for Season 1 and Season 2 will return for the weekend giving you a second chance at Diamond Bill Russell & Rafer Alston.

We’re also running Token Blitz all weekend long, increasing your Tokens with every win in MyTEAM. On top of the new additions to the Reward Market, two new packs will be available for the weekend in the Token Market. Including a MyTEAM Festival Starter Pack available for just a few Tokens.

It is Season 3: Season of Giving in MyTEAM. 5 Spotlight Challenge sets, 4 Galaxy Opals, nearly 3 dozen new reward players, 2 sets of Ornament Balls, and a new NBA season. Enjoy the MyTEAM Festival, and have a safe and healthy Holiday season!

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 9 Courtside Report
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