REPORT 1/7/2021
NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 4 Courtside Report

The NBA has returned and I know I am not the only one excited to see the favorites and the underdogs in the league return to action and impress! We have already seen some fantastic moments with great Opening Night performances, Triple Doubles, game winners, and of course Steph Curry dropping 62. The NBA is back!

This is why we have named the newest season in NBA 2K21’s MyTEAM, The Return; and who better to tip-off your path to Level 40 than the returning Kevin Durant! Drop into MyTEAM, enter the Season Agendas menu to pick up KD, and start earning XP!

For the first time ever in MyTEAM, Domination has expanded! You can now enter a fourth tier in Domination called Heat Check, which means yes, Heat Check cards are back! Pit your lineup against all 30 NBA teams, plus 3 All-Star teams, to earn your way up to 99 stars. With each win you could earn Statement Jerseys, Series 2 players, and Heat Check players from the team you Dominate! 

If Heat Check is new to you, here are the basics. When an NBA player goes off in the real NBA, their Heat Check card will see their attributes boosted for a limited time. So pay attention to the NBA to see when a Heat Check player could become your new primary option on the court, or when your next opponent in Heat Check Domination might be a tougher out than anticipated. 

The big reward for getting 99 stars in Heat Check Domination is a Galaxy Opal Antawn Jamison, but after debuting Galaxy Opals last season, you know we aren’t done there. The 6 ring reward for Limited is Russell Westbrook, Unlimited gets Kevin McHale, Ascension is graced by Bill Walton, and completing the Throwback Moments Collections all season long will net you Klay Thompson! All are Galaxy Opals, but we need to shine a light on Season 4’s Level 40 reward, Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard! Board man gets paid! 

The season rewards are great cards to look forward to, but with the launch of Season 4 more Galaxy Opals will be available on Day 1! With the addition of Series 2 and Heat Check, the next Collector Level reward is now available. Pick up 2,000 cards in your collection for Dame Time, Galaxy Opal Damian Lillard! Plus, 3 Galaxy Opals have been added to the Reward Market, with Gary Payton, Rick Barry, and Bill Russell available for Tokens!

Powerful Pink Diamond rewards will still be available to fill out any lineup. Triple Threat has expanded to 750 wins with Doug West, and additional Pink Diamonds all season long in the Vault. Pink Diamonds will remain in Triple Threat Online ball drops as well, and new to the Exchange is MyTEAM favorite, Dan Issel. Completing this season’s Spotlight Challenges, based on the Throwback Moments releases each week, you can get the Matrix himself, Pink Diamond Shawn Marion.

Speaking of Challenges. The one and only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has provided us with his Signature Challenge for this season. The NBA’s All-Time Scoring Leader chose the game when he surpassed ‘The Big Dipper’, Wilt Chamberlain on the scoring list. Drop his career game-high 55 against the ’84 Jazz to earn a diamond shoe, AND a HOF badge worthy of being associated with Kareem. If you need a Kareem to complete his Signature Challenge, enter this Locker Code to pick him up!* KAREEM-38387-POINTS

*Locker Code expires 2/19/21. Requires NBA 2K21. One per account. Terms apply.

Every season in MyTEAM brings new changes mode-wide, to wrap up let's quickly go over some more you can expect!

  • Limited has been updated to use 4 minute quarters this season. Let us know how you like this change in the Ask a Developer section in the Community Hub!
  • A new Challenge Activity has been added on PS5. Congrats to everyone who was able to score 72 points on the ‘96 Bulls, but now it’s time for you to out-shoot the ’17 Warriors. Drop 10 Team Threes to beat the challenge and earn a Sharpshooter Pack to improve your lineup, and keep the threes raining to rise up the leaderboard!
  • IDOLS Series II will launch this season!
  • Moments will continue to improve your team with new Moments Challenges, Moments Agendas, and the debut of Moments Players. Stay Tuned to the NBA and @NBA2K_MyTEAM for the latest!
NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 9 Courtside Report
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