Nov 20
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2KFest is a 24-hour global live stream event to celebrate the next generation of NBA 2K21. The event will feature NBA & WNBA All-Stars and legends, music performances, and exclusive 2K content + giveaways.

We go live worldwide November 20th @ 12AM PT, with dedicated regional programming that begins @ 4PM CST in APAC, 2PM GMT in Europe and 1PM PT in America.

The Players

  • Damian Lilliard
  • Zion Williamson
  • Candace Parker
  • Jayson Tatum
  • Kevin Durant
  • Anthony Davis
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Vince Carter

The Artists


  • 88rising Presents*
  • Chung Ha
    (4:30PM CST APAC/ 8:30AM GMT EU/ 12:30AM PT America)**
  • Dumbfoundead
    (6:30PM CST APAC/10:30 GMT EU/ 2:30AM PT America)
  • Audrey Nuna
    (7:25PM CST APAC /11:25 GMT EU/3:25AM PT America)
  • NIKI
    (8PM CST APAC/12:00 GMT EU/4AM PT America)
  • Rich Brian
    (8:40PM CST APAC/12:40 GMT EU/4:40AM PT America)


  • COLORS Studios: Nayana IZ
    (12:00AM CST APAC/4:00PM GMT EU/8AM PT America)
  • COLORS Studios: Captaine Roshi
    (2:00AM CST APAC/ 6PM GMT EU/ 11AM PT America)
  • Aitch*
    (4:50AM CST APAC/8:50PM GMT EU/3:50AM PT America)


  • J.I The Prince of N.Y
    (5:20PM CST APAC/9:20PM GMT EU/1:20PM PT America)
  • Hotboii
    (11:30PM CST APAC/3:30AM GMT EU/7:30PM PT America)
  • Saweetie
    (11:35PM CST APAC/3:35AM GMT EU/ 7:35PM PT America)
  • Dame D.O.L.L.A
    (12:30PM CST APAC/4:30AM GMT EU/ 8:30PM PT America)
  • YSB Tril
    (12:50PM CST APAC/4:50AM GMT EU/8:50PM PT America)
  • Quavo*
    (2:40PM CST APAC/6:30AM GMT EU/ 10:30PM PT America)

*Regional Headliner ** Performance Times

The Hosts


  • Ros Gold-Onwude - Sports Reporter
  • Ronnie 2K
  • Alexis Morgan - 2KTV Host
  • Chris Manning - 2KTV Host


  • Thibaut Courtois - FIFA World Cup Golden Glove winner and current Real Madrid goalkeeper

2K Original Content

2KFest will be broadcast live on NBA2K's Twitter and YouTube channels. Here’s a look at just some of the original content coming your way:

Evolution of Game

(Airing at 6PM CST APAC/3:40PM GMT EU/8PM PT America)

An engaging look at how the game--IRL and in 2K--has changed, and how the GAME (NBA) has changed since 2010. Followed by an exclusive player panel to discuss the impact 2K continues to have on their lives--from playing as a kid, to battling with teammates, to gaming in the 2020 “bubble”.

2K League Gamer Panel

(Airing at 8:50PM CST APAC/7PM GMT EU/3:40PM PT America)

An exclusive gamer panel brings together top 2KL gamers for a conversation that traces their journey from amateur to professional, dives deep into the unique 2020 season, and looks ahead to the 2021 season and beyond.

Courtside Reports w/ 2K Dev Panel

(Airing at 8:15PM CST APAC/ 6:15PM GMT EU/7PM PT America)

This guided conversation grants fans the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the global leaders of the NBA 2K21 development team. Key topics include the most talked about and anticipated elements of the game and the commitment to excellence every step of the way.


(Airing at 4:20PM CST APAC/ 2:50PM GMT EU/7:45PM PT America)

COVER ART: NBA2K cover art has become its own phenomenon and art form. Fans not only anticipate who the cover athletes will be, but look every year to the design reveal, key elements and styles it includes and how that’s carried through in the game. This segment goes behind the scenes of how the cover art is curated and comes together with interviews and perspectives from the artists and athletes alike.

(Airing at 7:40PM CST APAC/5:30PM GMT EU/8:40PM PT America)

FASHION: Fashion in today’s NBA extends way beyond the court. From walks down the players’ tunnel to being caught out on the town, players are not only passionate about what they wear but are always pushing the boundaries and setting trends.This segment looks at how the fashion world is ingrained within NBA2K.

(Airing at 6:40PM CST APAC/4:26PM GMT EU/1PM PT America)

MUSIC: 2K’s in-game music is a thing of legend. From exclusive song drops and artist-curated soundtracks, to fans getting the opportunity to include their original songs, 2K’s music has taken a life of its own. This segment looks back at some of the best soundtracks and dives deep into how music is selected.


(Airing at 5:30PM CST APAC/3:18PM GMT EU/8:50PM PT America)

Every year, anticipation grows and grows for 2K to announce that season’s cover athletes. In this segment, a vetted comedy troupe produces a mockumentary style video showcasing the secretive, behind-the-scenes decision-making process. This video takes a “deep look” at the people behind the cover, the science-based process, and ultimately reveals how and why players are chosen.


(Airing at 7:30PM CST APAC/5:25PM GMT EU/2:40PM PT America)

NBA players take their 2K ratings very seriously. It’s a sign of respect. Or disrespect. And disrespect won’t be tolerated. Every player and gamer thinks their rating should be a 99, and this segment takes a hysterical look at a truly terrible, yet very overconfident basketball player who has no doubt he deserves a 99.

2K MoCap

(Airing at 7PM CST APAC/4:40PM GMT EU/9:40PM PT America)

Motion capture technology--and the motion capture team--is one of the game’s true unsung heroes. In this segment, discover the magic behind-the-scenes; from Steph Curry’s smooth shooting stroke to Kyrie Irving’s dribbling to a cheerleader’s dancing and every movement in-between, motion capture allows NBA 2K gameplay to be as real and lifelike as possible

HomeCourt Advantage

(Airing at 5PM CST APAC/2:25 GMT EU/9PM PT America)

A deep look into the 2K Foundations core objectives, previous accomplishments and future plans for global community engagement. The piece will also hone in on a recent, but very unique court renovation: Cal Johnson Court (Knoxville, TN). Interviews feature the players involved, kids who shoot on these courts everyday, and key community members--all focused on what the court means to the community at large.


Para mais detalhes sobre o NBA 2K21, incluindo MyTEAM, jogabilidade e atualizações nas avaliações dos jogadores, não se esqueça de conferir o Courtside Report!

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