Something is stirring in MyTEAM... Uncover the mysteries in Season 6: Glitched Reality and find out what is hiding within. Conquer all-new challenges and peculiar game modes, find the secrets inside and earn powerful new players and prizes.


Season 6 begins with buckets… Jimmy Buckets. Unlock your free Jimmy Butler Sapphire Evo for starting the Season, complete his agenda group and evolve him into a Diamond to improve your lineup.

Can you discover the connection between players in a brand new Domination Tier? Will you find the codes hidden throughout Glitched Reality? Season 6 will have you wondering what is real and what is a glitch. A new Season means a new Signature Challenge, and in Glitched Reality it’s none other than D-Wade, a legend in his own right. Complete the challenge to earn a Diamond shoe and Hall of Fame badge. If you don’t have a Dwyane Wade card, redeem the locker code below for your free Free Agent Wade MyTEAM card. Check out the Agenda Groups each week to find even more players, with secret rewards to be earned. Season 6 is full of new ways to play, earn and compete but only those with a keen eye and a sharp mind can unlock the true power of MyTEAM this Season.

Earn Season XP through Agendas and Challenges released every day and week to progress in Season 6 and unlock great rewards including Amethyst Will Barton, Pink Diamond Eric Bledsoe and Galaxy Opal Artis Gilmore… all on your way to the Level 40 Grand Prize: JR Smith. Upgrade your lineup with all-new players in the Exchange, including Luka Doncic and Mike Bibby, get those wins in Triple Threat Offline to unlock Galaxy Opal Fat Lever and complete the new Domination Tier for Galaxy Opal Mel Daniels who EVOLVES into Dark Matter!!


New Packs and Collections are available throughout Season 6: Glitched Reality. Check out what's available in MyTEAM today!

MyTEAM’s signature collection, IDOLS continues in Season 6 with more new IDOLS dropping throughout, alongside brand new themes and puzzling players to confuse your opponents.


MyTEAM Limited returns every weekend, with new lineup requirements each week to make things interesting. Pick up Ws to earn a Championship ring every week. Collect all 6 rings to unlock the Season 6 Limited Grand Prize: Galaxy Opal Rashard Lewis.

Looking for more competition? Check out MyTEAM Unlimited and make your way up the ranks with your best lineup. Play through 9 Leagues to reach the top. You’ll need to win a certain number of games to advance, with more and more wins required as you climb the league structure and earn rewards. Go undefeated in Season 6’s Unlimited Opal League and walk away with Galaxy Opal Michael Redd.


For more on all things MyTEAM, hit up the Courtside Report. From gameplay to new modes and features, it’s all in here.

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