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New feature coming that allows you to challenge any other NBA2KM user to a match!

Do you ever find yourself at the dinner table arguing with your brother or sister about who the better NBA 2K Mobile player is? Or wanting to settle the debate once and for all amongst your friends?

We’re pumped to announce that starting next week, those debates can be settled on the court. We are adding a new feature that allows you to challenge any other NBA2KM user to a match!

That’s right – take on your friends, family or even a famous YouTuber and show them what you’ve got! The feature, which we’re calling PVP Challenges, will be available in a new app update dropping next week. Keep an eye on our social channels in the coming days for details on when that is happening.

PVP Challenges will live on your Player Info page, AKA the button in the bottom right corner on the main menu. From there, you’ll be able to hit “Find Opponent” to search for the user you want to challenge, type in their username or Player ID number, and then click “Challenge” to send the request. The other user can then go to their own Player Info page, see the challenge and hit an “Accept” button.

Then boom, you’re playing a match with that person in the Head to Head arena.

Next week’s launch will be a Beta version of PVP Challenges. We have many ideas on how it could be an even more compelling experience, but we’ll be listening intently to your feedback before planning what the future holds.

Even though PVP Challenges will take place in the H2H arena, you’re not playing for rewards, only bragging rights. Other things like boosts and Fans are also nonfactors. But, like H2H mode, there is no energy system. Battle your friends all day and night! There’s a “Rematch” button that will appear on the Player Info page if you want to face that user again without searching.

More key details to know:

  • At launch, only users that are on the same platform can play against each other – iOS vs. iOS and Android vs. Android.
  • Both users must be playing the same version of the app.
  • iOS users must be on the same OS version.
  • There’s no maximum distance between two users in the real world that can play PVP Challenges. The closer you are to your opponent, the likelier it is to be a smooth experience. But, users don’t need to be in close proximity.
  • Being connected to WiFi will result in a much more reliable experience loading into a game and playing it without lag.

See you on the court for PVP Challenges starting next week!