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Season 5 arrives next week! We’re excited to share some info with you about what’s coming in S5.

Season 5. Next week.

It’s almost that time! We can’t wait to get the newest version of NBA 2K Mobile into your hands. Stay tuned to our social channels, where we will reveal in the coming days the exact details about when the Season 5 transition is happening.

We’re pumped about the new stuff we added for S5. We’re also pumped because – in case you’ve been living under a rock the past few months – your Season 4 cards will carry over as we make the transition! They’ll remain in your collection and be playable in all modes. Every single one of your cards.

This is also true for other items like coins, collectibles, rings, gear, keys, pump-ups, and energy. Each of these is carrying over to the new season. Same goes for all items in Crews mode and your progress in Courtside Pass. You will pick up where you left off with the current Courtside Pass when S5 starts, and a new Courtside Pass will go live October 1.

OK, let’s talk about what’s coming when S5 arrives! You may have already heard about the new Tourneys mode, how Mentors will work, the new Crews court, how card stats will be balanced, and improvements we’re making to training and your card inventory. Spoiler – there’s much more.

S5 features a complete visual redesign across the game, our most significant one in years. It also has a new soundtrack and updated NBA courts, home and away jerseys, and player attributes to reflect the upcoming season. You’ll see some new NBA players in the game for the first time at S5 launch (both current and retired). More will be added post-launch too, including the new rookie class.

Let’s revisit key details about those previously discussed topics, and provide some new info:

Mentors – If you currently have Mentors, your 25 most powerful ones will carry over to Season 5. Starting then, any card from S4 or S5 (Ruby and up) can be converted to Mentor status by training it to LVL 100 and then electing to convert it. Cards do not need to be trained up before the S5 transition in order to have the option of becoming a Mentor, and no cards will automatically turn into Mentors.

To give you an idea of how impactful these “new” Mentors will be, the best cards available at S5 launch can provide PWR boosts of more than 10,000 if used as a Mentor.

Card inventory – The maximum number of cards in your collection won’t increase at this time, but we’ve made it easier to manage that growing collection. For example, the Auto Fill function in training will now use cards from whatever is your lowest tier instead of only Bronze.

In the S5 catalog, you’ll see theme cards at the top sorted by when they were released, including S4 themes. So, use the tier filters to check out the three new foundation tiers we’re adding at launch. (Unless you feel like scrolling! All the power to you!)

Card PWR – Season 5 is a whole new ballgame in lots of ways. You might notice the differences between tiers aren’t as significant as they were in the past. But with three new tiers, new themes and more Mentors at your disposal – plus future features we’re not ready to talk about yet – there are plenty of opportunities to set yourself apart from the crowd. And, you can expect to see cards with six-figure base PWR at some point!

More miscellaneous things to know heading into S5:

  • Season 4 Amethyst and Ruby theme cards can be pulled on draft boards starting at S5 launch. Later in the season, Onyx theme cards will be added to that mix.
  • During a few specific series in Tourneys mode, you will see “Random Theme Collectible” as a possible reward. At launch, this pool will include Season 4 theme collectibles only.
  • The lowest possible reward you can earn across the game will be Ruby tier. The only exception is pump-ups of Gold, Emerald and Sapphire tiers, which will still be dropping on draft boards.

OK, keep an eye on our social pages for the latest updates regarding S5 launch day. You can expect some app downtime that day as usual.

When we’re up from that downtime, jump in and start getting buckets in what we feel will be NBA 2K Mobile’s greatest season yet!