In what we’re calling the Season 4 Finale, our events and store will look a bit different than usual for the next few weeks.

September is officially upon us, and you know what that means.

A new season of NBA 2K Mobile is right around the corner! We’re gearing up for Season 5, which will feature your cards carrying over from season to season. When we make the transition to S5, Season 4 cards will remain in your collection and remain playable in all modes.

More on S5 is coming soon, including what will happen to other items in your S4 inventory. Let’s talk about the rest of Season 4 first.

In what we’re calling the Season 4 Finale, our events and store will look a bit different than usual for the next few weeks. No new cards will be released, but we’ll be providing ample opportunities to earn cards you may have missed earlier in the season. Or, just more Dark Matters to bolster your squad as much as possible heading into S5.

Perhaps the most important detail – all theme cards provide a 20% style bonus in events for the rest of S4, starting next week. If you have cards from Giants of the Game or Ankle Breakers, their Abilities will trigger, and you can earn even more than a 100% style bonus.

What will the rewards be, you ask? If you qualify for top-tier rewards – meaning your best team PWR is over 35K PWR – your top progression reward will be a Superstar Spinner pack that guarantees one of the 12 Dark Matter theme cards in the game. If you don’t like your result, you can spin the position or star count to try and pull a different one. Spinning the star count (or the tier) can be useful if you pull Role Models Damian Lillard but want to try for a different DM point guard, for example. Just like typical Spinner packs, the first spin after your original pull will be free.

Beyond that, progression rewards will consist of cards from various themes, many of which were pack-exclusive when the theme ran. Leaderboard rewards will also feature previous pack-exclusive theme cards (DM tier). The schedule and rewards for the next three events will be revealed Monday on our social channels.

That 20% style bonus for every theme card will also work in mini events, by the way. Courtside cards will provide 10% as usual.

The store will be another place you can get cards from previous themes. In fact, every theme that’s been released since December 1 will be available at some point this month. Themes with DM cards will be active for five days apiece, starting Monday with Role Models. Non-DM themes will appear for one day apiece, starting Monday with Winter and building up to themes with Galaxy Opals.

The packs will also have theme collectibles, so you could craft a card you missed out on previously.

OK, if you’ve been reading carefully, you probably have an idea of when Season 5 starts. We’ll say the words out loud sometime soon! Until then, you can read up on the S5 info we’ve already shared about Mentors, card stats, and inventory improvements.

Much more coming soon!