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NBASC's first blog post with a new Event Mode, Ball Hog, Halloween Themed Cards, and Vortex Fusion Cards!


Boo! Got you! Haha! It’s just us, a basketball video game on the internet. We have some important details to share with you regarding our first update of the season. Some of which might send chills down your spine. 

Our first update of the season hits today. In fact, you can probably grab it instead of reading this. It includes three terrifying additions to the game: a new event called Ball Hog, 15 spooky new Halloween-themed cards, and the release of our Vortex Fusion Cards.


In this event, battle monstrously sized cards and work together with the rest of the world to take them down. As you chip away at a boss’ HP, you’ll place on a leaderboard and earn rewards commensurate with your position on it. You can also earn rewards by simply doing damage and hitting thresholds, working your way all the way up to an event card. One of our favorite parts about this mode is the play. Breezy and fun, you’ll be tasked with strategically matching positions of the players in your deck to the boss in order to do MAX DAMAGE. You’ll see what we mean this Thursday when the first Ball Hog starts.


Chilling, terrifying, horrifically entertaining new Halloween cards enter the game starting today. You can collect them via a fusion event that starts the same day as well as obtain them in themed card packs until Nov 11. 

In case you’re new: fusion events task you with collecting ingredients that you can take to the front office fusion chamber to combine to either make a more powerful ingredient or a card pack. In this specific one, you will need to collect Pumpkins off the draft board and then combine them to make Brains.

From there, you can use Brains and Pumpkins to create card packs that may contain Halloween cards.


Lastly, new base fusions join the game, featuring stars of the NBA past and present. Head down to Front Office Fusion and work your way up to Vortex in order to obtain these.

Stay posted for those pick-ups that will scare your game to the next level!