We're excited to announce the addition of new playing windows for the NBA 2K League Combine!

These windows have been allocated to create additional opportunities for our players across various regions to reach 40 games played in Combine. See below for full list (times listed in ET):

Updated Combine playing windows (ET):

2/14 – 2am-8am (APAC) and 8pm-12am (NA)
2/15 – 2am-8am (APAC) and 1pm-7pm (EU)
2/16 – 2am-8am (APAC) and 1pm-1am (EU + NA)
2/17 – 8am-10pm (EU + APAC + NA)
2/18 – 2pm-8pm (EU + NA)
2/19 – 2am-8am (APAC)
2/20 – 2am-8am (APAC) and 1pm-7pm (EU)
2/21 – 2pm-12am (EU + NA)

APAC = Asia Pacific

NA = North America

EU = Europe

Playing windows are available for all players to participate at any time during the windows, however for optimal matchmaking, we recommend following the above guidance on what time to enter the playing windows from your respective regions.

Best of luck to all players! For more news and updates, be sure to follow @NBA2KLeague on Twitter.