Team Logos Revealed: Part III

We’re excited to share the final six official team logos for the NBA 2K League: Warriors Gaming Squad, Raptors Uprising Gaming Club (GC), Knicks Gaming, Grizz Gaming, Bucks Gaming, and 76ers Gaming Club (GC). The team logos were developed in consultation with RARE Design out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who collaborated with each team on their respective brand.

Warriors Gaming Squad

The Warriors Gaming Squad logo serves as a visual bridge between the NBA Golden State Warriors franchise and its NBA 2K League team. The Warriors Gaming Squad logo’s inspiration came from early video game designs that relied on a square, flat graphic, which later progressed to a cube and three-dimensional design. The logo pays homage to the old and celebrates the new as it appears flat and three-dimensional simultaneously. It is contained in a circle, which evokes a basketball and the rich history of the Warriors organization.

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Raptors Uprising Gaming Club (GC)

Raptors Uprising GC reflects the Toronto Raptors organization’s ‘outsider’ attitude while the esports team’s logo is a chevron, pointing North, taken from the side of the Raptors jersey.

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Knicks Gaming

We are New York, baby. We rep the greatest city on earth. Our city that never sleeps. Our city that expects toughness. Our city that expects soul. Our city that defines and redefines the game on its streets, and within its chain-linked courts, at will. And we rep our city with grit, heart, and hustle... Forever.

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Grizz Gaming

Grizz Gaming’s logo is bold and balanced. It is inspired by the Grizzlies’ tenacity, updated for a digital space. The ‘Grizz Gaming’ GG ligature combines the ‘Grit and Grind’ ethos of the Grizzlies NBA franchise with a tacit nod to a traditional gaming sign-off, ‘Good Game’. The bear claw updates the Grizzlies’ secondary logo, elevating it to primary logo status, with each of the five claws representing the five players on the team.

The official colors invoke a more simplified version of the Grizzlies’ color scheme, boldly relying on the Grizzlies’ fan favorite Beale Street and Midnight Blues.

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Bucks Gaming

The primary logo for Bucks Gaming features a stag, which throughout mythology has been portrayed as the king of the forest. With distinct lines and sharp edges creating a buck ready to strike, the Bucks Gaming logo represents the organization’s fierce independence and bold confidence. Negative space in the logo is utilized in the buck’s head to create both a “B” representing Bucks Gaming, as well as subtle reminders of the buck’s forward movement. The logo represents the idea of genuine nobility, with the buck’s antlers creating a figurative crown declaring his place at the front of the pack with a deep sense of pride.

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76ers Gaming Club (GC)

Inspired by the city’s revolutionary origins and the modern edge of the esports athlete, the primary logo reflects the number “76” fused into the shape of a bell in tribute to Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell and 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

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We're excited that all 17 team logos are now out there for fans to see, and that you can now follow all of the teams on social media as we make more announcements in the lead up to our season launch. 

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