Welcome to the NBA 2K League!

Hello NBA 2K League community!

We are thrilled to officially unveil the NBA 2K League’s logo today, the first of many milestones as we move toward our historic inaugural season in 2018. Over the next few days, you will also see our teams unveil their official names and logos. Each one of the logos was thoughtfully designed with this community in mind, and we feel they truly capture the passion and excitement the league and our 17 teams have for the upcoming season.

Each logo tells its own story. For the league, the story centers on its roots in NBA and NBA 2K, which is why you see familiar elements from both brands in our logo. What you will also see in the logo is a basketball, the common thread tying each of our players together. What you won’t see is a silhouette, because there is no prototypical athlete in our league. Regardless of who you are - man or woman, young or old, tall or short - if you are one of the best 2K players in the world, we want you in the league.

From now through May, you will see announcements about the upcoming tryouts, draft, season schedule and more. We cannot wait to share each of these moments with you and look forward to the road ahead!

Brendan Donohue
Managing Director, NBA 2K League