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We’re working hard on Season 5 and an abundance of improvements. Let’s dive into some of those – changes to training and inventory.

Season 5 of NBA 2K Mobile is inching closer! We’re excited to reveal more details about the upcoming season, including some improvements to card training and your inventory.

But first, let’s talk August activities.

The new Courtside Pass features a handful of cards that are Set requirements. In addition to the Courtside card itself, you can collect Amethyst CJ McCollum, Amethyst Trae Young and more that will help you complete the Sets for rewards like Onyx Nikola Jokic. We’re planning to feature Set requirement cards in next month’s Courtside Pass, too.

Speaking of MVPs like Jokic, the event cards in our next theme feature some HUGE names. These are cards you’ll want in your lineup at the start of S5. (In case you haven’t heard, all Season 4 cards will be playable in S5.)

In between main events, you can expect to see a rotation of mini Gauntlet and mini Domination. Based on your feedback, mini Gauntlet is here to stay.

Otherwise, we’re working hard on Season 5 and an abundance of improvements to the game. Let’s dive into some of those – the changes to training and inventory.

We hear your feedback about the 500-card limit, and we're testing features that would expand the size of your collection in the future. In the meantime, Season 5’s new Mentors feature and UX adjustments are aimed at more meaningful card usage and inventory management. We want you hitting the card cap less and feeling productive when using cards to train and upgrade. Balancing changes will allow more low-tier cards to be fed into the cards you utilize in your MyTeams or intend to convert to Mentors.

Plus, the training Auto Fill button will fill with your lowest available tier instead of just Bronze cards. You won’t be pulling Bronze cards in S5 anyway – the lowest possible rewards in S5 will be Ruby. So, while it will become more difficult to train top-tier cards, you’ll be pulling better cards to feed into them. It’s all part of the balancing act. And since you won’t be pulling cards below Ruby, it’s a good idea to Lock any special cards you don’t want to train away!

The Collections menu will also have an improved look with more filtering options. We’re testing out a search bar that would allow you to type the names of NBA players and view their cards – the ones you own or all of their cards in the game. You’ll also be able to sort your cards by LVL, theme, duplicates, and locked vs. unlocked (in addition to the filters already present). Plus, sanitizers will be removed from the game, meaning you can attach and remove Gear as much as you’d like.

We hope all these changes will make NBA2KM a smoother experience for you. We can’t wait to bring you Season 5. More info as we get closer!