More about NBA SuperCard


The immensely popular collectible card battle genre comes to one of the biggest global franchises.

Collect hundreds of NBA and WNBA stars and icons, including Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Candace Parker. Build your deck, train your cards, then bring new and old rivalries to life. Win and earn rewards, then do battle again in weekly and monthly events to unlock exclusive new cards and packs.

With five tiers of cards at launch, always-on Quick Game, and a Champions mode where you can compete worldwide and win exclusive cards, there are endless ways to play and enjoy the latest in collectible card battle.

Reign Supreme with NBA SuperCard, the new premium NBA mobile game.


  • Iconic NBA and WNBA athletes, dramatic plays, and fun mechanics
  • Hundreds of collectible stars and icons
  • Five tiers of cards at launch
  • Always-on Quick Play mode with unlimited play
  • Champions mode for worldwide competition
  • Daily and weekly quests and challenges
  • Team Play with rewards