This June, we’ll be bringing you new features and new cards to kick off a jam-packed summer that leads into the next season of NBA 2K Mobile.

With the Finals around the corner and summer quickly approaching, it’s time for us to take a break.

Gotcha, ha. This June, we’ll be bringing you new features and new cards to kick off a jam-packed summer that leads into the next season of NBA 2K Mobile.

[In case that was breaking news to you, yes Season 5 is a thing AND your cards will start carrying over from season to season. More on that here and even more below as you read on. Please read on.]

With Southpaw theme coming to an end, we can confirm the next set of cards coming to the game is indeed Finals theme. This star-studded collection features some of the best players in this year’s NBA Finals and legends that previously took the floor on basketball’s biggest stage. That means the likes of Wade, Dirk, Ray Allen and many more.

Who you got winning the Finals? Keep going on Playoff Picker to rack up as many collectibles as you can. And, watch as the players that advance – and eventually win the championship – continue to get PWR upgrades with each round they win. The four Playoffs cards that advance to the Finals will be joining the theme and getting an art update. They count toward your style bonus for Finals theme events.

Later in the month, we’ll be releasing lots of summer-themed content. That includes a special set of cards and something we’re especially pumped to unveil – a new Crews court! Crews mode will be getting a new look with its best court yet. Expect to see plenty of palm trees and sunshine as you ball on this blacktop court by the beach. In the meantime, get your MyPlayer and Crew ready to go!

Let’s talk about something a little further out than our summer content.

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked regarding Season 4-ever is how we’ll be balancing stats moving forward and how new cards will scale. Turns out, the answer is pretty simple: numbers are going to get bigger for new cards. The execution of that, however, is far from simple. Many, many hours have been (and will be) spent with Excel spreadsheets and formulas to ensure there’s a rewarding path for you. We could talk your ear off about scaling, logarithms and exponents. But let’s save that for the AP Calculus test.

Our plan right now is to add three new tiers at S5 launch. Then once we’re a bit into S5, we’ll start rolling out a new tier at a time, much like this season. These cards will get progressively more powerful as usual, but the scale in which they do so will look a bit different than it does right now. The difference between one tier and the next won’t be as drastic as what you see with the latest Season 4 tiers.

One reason for that is the visual component of our game. We’re thinking long-term and wanting to keep the PWR values readable by not letting the numbers get too high. Otherwise, at some point down the road, we’d have to get in the business of creating new numbers and, well, we’d like to focus on basketball instead.

This isn't to say the weekly opportunities to earn cards won’t be worth it. We’ll continue to tune draft boards, events, and all the other usual places to give advantages to those with the very best cards. And, just like any transition to a new tier, getting your squad to the highest tier in S4 will pay dividends early in S5.

Speaking of that – we may or may not still have another tier coming in Season 4. Insert wink emoji.

More on Season 5 soon. Stay tuned!