NBA 2K Mobile


We’ve got big plans to make this a memorable July in NBA 2K Mobile. It all starts with the arrival of a new tier: Dark Matter.

For die-hard NBA fans, July is arguably the most exciting month on the calendar. Free agency brings endless drama, and Summer League provides a first look at top draftees.

We’ve got big plans to make this a memorable July in NBA 2K Mobile, too. 

It all starts with the arrival of a new tier: Dark Matter. After introducing Galaxy Opal for the first time back in Season 3, we’re pumped to bring you the first-ever DM cards in 2K Mobile starting next week. They’re slick, and they’re powerful.

The new tier will feature a mix of legends and current stars, including a couple of players making their 2K Mobile debuts. Let’s just say, in honor of the Warriors’ title, we’re throwing a Poole Party. After next week’s foundation release, the first theme with DM cards will arrive. Just wait until you see those – the most powerful cards in our history. In the words of another Golden State star, holy cannoli!

July is also highlighted by a new and improved Courtside Pass. The latest theme collectibles will be going into the collectible packs, and we’re putting more than one specific card on the reward track for the first time. Collect cards for Luka, Harden and more even before getting to the Courtside player.

In case you missed it, we’re also trying out a new mini event next week. Instead of Domination, the mini event running July 4-5 will be a Gauntlet. Foundation cards and theme collectibles make up the reward track just like a standard mini event. You can earn an extra collectible or two by placing high on the leaderboard, too.

As you play mini Gauntlet, let us know what you think! We will consider making it part of a rotation of mini events going forward.

With Season 5 fast approaching, let’s touch on a topic we’ve been fielding questions about since announcing our Season 4-ever plans: Mentors.

In short, Mentors will still be a thing in S5. If you currently have Mentors, you will retain your top 25 by PWR as we transition to S5 in the fall. Starting then, everyone will also be able to acquire new Mentors.

In S5, any user can create a Mentor by fully training a card to LVL 100 (not a typo!) and then converting it. Mentors created this way will provide more significant boosts than previous Mentors. And, as we continue to release new tiers, the benefits of these potential “new” Mentors will get stronger and stronger. 

Also coming in S5, Mentors will have an additional feature – affiliated team. Cards will get another boost if their Mentor represents the same NBA franchise.

More on Mentors as we get closer to S5. Stay tuned!