Raised in Centerville, Louisiana, SSGKobe started as a video game-focused YouTube streamer, but always had his sights on music. After experimenting with various sounds using the voice memo app and reciting Lil Wayne, SSGKobe began uploading his work to SoundCloud. It took some time, but he developed a style that felt personal to him, while gaining inspiration from notable Southern artists, such as Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Chief Keef, further fueling his passion for music. Beginning in 2019, SSGKobe was earning traction with his breakout song “WYD” and followed it up with his inspiring song “M.I.A.”


SSGKobe - whose name derives from his love for Kobe Bryant and deep appreciation for the Dragon Ball franchise - is no longer an aspiring YouTuber in search of fame, but is positioning himself as a new talent pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the realm of music. He’s just beginning on his trajectory to stardom, but he couldn’t be a better representation of what NBA 2K22 is all about.