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Three themes and more in the month of May for NBA SuperCard

Celebrate the teams excelling today and honor the players who excelled yesterday. This month, we’re unleashing a variety of new themes featuring historical players, our upcoming current season Finals MVPs, and much more. We hope our game will be your new destination for postseason content.

Let’s talk about it.

Ringer Chasers

May kicks off with Ring Chasers-themed cards. Ring Chasers are just that: players who have made appearances in the playoffs, maybe even made deep runs all the way to the Finals, and deserve recognition.

It’s an incredible roster of cards, featuring players like:

  • John Stockton
  • T-MAC
  • Skylar Diggins
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Dikembe Mutombo

Ring Chaser bookend April’s Playoff-themed cards and are a part of our larger Playoffs Saga. It’s a sequel!

As usual, ingredients to create Ring Chaser cards will drop off the draft board and be available in packs for two weeks. These ingredients can then be fused in Front Office Fusion for a shot at Ring Chaser cards – good luck!

Playoffs theme and WNBA Tip-Off

Reminder that the Playoff Collectible store remains open thru May 12 – so use that extra time and spend your remaining Playoff collectibles!

While the Collectibles ramp down, look out for an all-WNBA player Platinum Playbook (thanks for recommendation, everyone) AND brand new quest lines celebrating the WNBA season tip-off.

WNBA quests begin on May 6 and end on May 8, and include multiple shots at tier-based rewards. Street and Breakout players will have a shot at a WNBA Breakout card for completing all the WNBA quests. All other tiers will have a shot at a Street WNBA card as a reward for completing all of the WNBA quests – with other rewards for all tiers for completing each quest along the way.

Hall of Fame and Finals

Following the fortnight of Ring Chasers and WNBA activities, one of our new favorite themes, Hall of Fame, will be released.

Starting on May 17th, HOF cards will enter the game AND be available on the draft board. Players can get a maximum 2 HOF cards from the draft board, and no limit on the number of collectibles. HOF-themed cards consist of two players: Manu Ginobli and Tim Hardaway

Finally for themed cards, well … we have Finals themed cards, which are based off of those teams that will make it to the NBA Finals. Since the NBA Playoffs are still going on, you’ll have to stay tuned for the final-final report on which player cards will be in Finals-themed cards! That being said, you’ll probably be able to guess fairly accurately which players are going to be included, once the Playoffs get to a certain stage. What we can say is to get Finals themed cards, you will need to complete quests to earn collectibles to get Finals themed cards. 

Next Up

That’s not it for May. We’ve got a surprise (or two) up our sleeves. Follow us on socials for more information and, hey, maybe a QR code or two.

Keep it real and positive.